Current Fall Season Sudbury Soccer Team Standings

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SSL Tournament Rules

The standing (seeding) of SSL teams following regular season play will be determined on points awarded as follows: Win or win by forfeit - 3 points, Tie - 1 point, Loss - no point, Loss by forfeit - minus 1 point.


Depending on the total number of teams, First round fixtures will strive to match top seeded teams against bottom seeded teams, and mid-seeded teams against one another (e.g. 1st seed vs 4th seed, 2nd seed vs. 3rd seed).  If an odd number of teams are playing in the tournament, the SSL Coordinator will devise a round-robin playoff format for the first round of games.


For leagues with 4 teams or less, games will run for 40 minutes each (two, twenty-minute halves with a 3-5 minute half time break).  For leagues with 5 or more teams, round robins will run for 30 minutes each game (two, 15 minute halves)


Teams that win the first round will proceed to play in the SSL Championship game.  Teams that lose the first round will proceed to play in the SSL Runner Up game.


Standing ranking will be based on the following in order: 

  1. Points in the standings
  2. Points awarded in head-to-head games
  3. Most wins
  4. Fewest goals allowed
  5. Most shutouts of opponents
  6. Cumulative goal differential -- each game differential truncated at -3 or +3 goals  


If a playoff game is tied at the end of the second half as signaled by the referee, two 5-minute “golden goal” periods will be played (e.g. the team who scores first in either period immediately wins the game). 


If the game is tied at the end of the second golden goal period, the game will be settled by penalty kicks.  The rules for penalty kicks will be the same as a FIFA regulated penalty kicks with three exceptions:

  1. The penalty kicks will be taken 8 yards from the goal line 
  2. The five players chosen to take the penalty kicks don’t need to be on the field when the game ends 
  3. Any player can go in goal