Current Fall Season Sudbury Soccer Team Standings

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Grass and Turf Field Guidelines

Sudbury Parks and Recreation

Unplayable Field Guidelines

A footstep leaves an impression in the turf or if the grass is removed easily with a cleat, this is considered a wet field

Standing puddles of water on the field

Footing is unsure and slippery

Ground is water logged and squishy

Grass can be dislodged from the ground easily


Unsafe facility conditions-glass, exposed stones and rocks, etc.

The use proves to be destructive or detrimental to quality of turf

Frozen fields

Periods of forecasted severe weather warnings


Turf Field Restrictions

Rules Apply to all practices and games at Cutting and LSRHS

Only players, coaches and referees on the field, NO SPECTATORS

All spectators must sit on the HOME side of the stadium

Spectators may not sit inside the fences at LSRHS and can not place chairs or other items on the newly resurfaced track

Only water is allowed on the field, no gatoraide, juice, chewing gum, or food of any kind

No tents, canopies, flags or umbrellas that penetrate the turf

Dogs are not allowed on the grounds at LSRHS or Cutting

Drones are not allowed in the area of a game being played, per BAYS guidelines