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Kindergarten & 1st Grade Soccer Programs

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Program Specifics

Groupings: Separate sessions for boys and girls

Kindergarten Schedule: 8 sessions on Saturday afternoons 

1st Grade Schedule: 8 sessions on Sunday afternoons 

Timing: 1.25 hour sessions with first half focusing on training and second half playing small- sided games against other teams

Duration: Fall program runs from September to November and Spring program runs from April to June

Specifics: Players use a size 3 soccer ball, small goals and set up for games as  3v3 (Kindergarten) or 4v4 (1st Grade)

Practices: Each session will begin with an age group wide demonstration on the weekly skill by  a coach from the NE Revolution Academy. Skills will then be displayed and practiced  during the training portion of the session and the small sided game


Season Goals

1. To create a positive and fun atmosphere where players can learn and develop at their own pace

2. To imporve the basic motor skills that are used in soccer: Running, Jumping, Kicking, etc.

3. To create players that are comfortable with the ball at their feet

4. To give each player a positive and successful experience each season


Required Equipment

Each player receives a SYSA tee shirt, with color specific to their team

Players must wear their team shirt each week. On colder days, the shirt must be worn over warmer clothing

Players must wear cleats or sneakers. Soccer cleats are not required, but are recommended

Shin guards are required and soccer socks must be worn over shin guards so they are not exposed 

Each player should bring a water bottle

Players are not allowed to wear jewlery, earings, hats or anything metal in their hair for safety reasons


Parent Coach Volunteers 

Parent volunteer coaches are essential to successfully run this program

Parents can sign up to volunteer on their child's AdminSports registration account

SYSA provides each coach with a bag of practice soccer balls, comes, pinnies and a first aid kit

Each team must have two coaches for the program to work effectively

No previous coaching experience is required, however all coaches are strongly encouraged to take the online USSA F Coaches Course.

Coaches will be provided with a weekly session plan developed by the SYSA Technical Director

A criminal background check (CORI) will be conducted on all youth coaches per state law